Create speaking exercises for your students.

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Create and assign online speaking exercises.

Use Lingt's simple drag-and-drop editor to create speaking assignments for your students to complete on their computers.

Create online speaking assignments.
Give targeted feedback.

Give targeted feedback to maximize student improvement.

Review student submissions for grading or to offer individual feedback.

Incorporate images and video to create effective exercises.

Include any video from YouTube to make fun, culture-rich exercises. Use your own images to engage visual and contextual learning.

Incorporate images and video.
Prepare for IB and AP.

Create or prepare for oral examinations.

Efficiently prepare and administer oral exams. Prepare for speaking sections of the IB or AP exams by simulating testing prompts.

See How Teachers Are Using Lingt

Discussing a Video
Monsieur Lowry asks his students to comment on an exerpt from the Petit Prince movie.
Chinese Conversation
Zhang Laoshi simulates a conversation with her students at MIT.
IB Preparation
Mrs. McKinnis creates assignments to prepare her students for the IB Language Arts oral commentary.
I now give weekly spoken assignments to my students using Lingt and couldn't be happier with how easy it is to create, review, and give feedback. It's really important that my students practice speaking outside the classroom and Lingt has been the best solution I've come across.
Jin Zhang
This is a great new site that is extremely easy to navigate and is very user-friendly. The teacher can easily record his/her voice for students to hear, then the student simply clicks and records his/her own response to the question. . . The great thing about this site is that it is completely online and does not require downloading any software onto your computer or the student’s computer.
Joshua Cabral
Manchester by the Sea
I’d like to say that I really like the way Lingt is designed. It’s friendly and easy to use. I went through the samples that you offer and loved them! I strongly believe that Lingt is a great opportunity to provide students with more opportunities to produce language.
Janeth Carrillo
University of Veracruz
I'm really excited to use your application! It's my first year teaching out of college and it's unreal how few simple programs there are out there, so I'm one of your new biggest fans.
Abigail Adams
New England Academy
I like Lingt because it's dead simple. I just gave my students a link to my assignment and they figured everything else out themselves with no problem. It's a great new tool for my classes.
Yoshimi Nagaya
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