FG Konvo: Hobbys


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Listen: (You may hear this in English and German for the test. I just did it in Englisch.)
Listen: You will hear the instructions in German 2x in German. So listen to this 2x.  Remember you will be addressed formally: Sie. Don't let this confuse you.)
After hearing the overview in German 2x you will have 1 minutes to prepare for this conversation.
For the test you will simply be talking into your phone and it will be recorded. For our purposes here, open up habla cloud now to record what is said and your answers. I have built in the 20 second pause and the 'tone' to indicate when to start speaking and when 20 seconds is done. You will turn this in via the google form like normal...NOT here on lingt.

Required if you would like to receive feedback from your teacher.