Lingt Update!

We've been busy refreshing our design, improving the website, and adding the features you told us you wanted. Have a look below to see what's new on Lingt.

1. Vibrant, more user-friendly design.

We've added more color, more icons, and more subtle animations. Lingt is now easier to use and easier on the eyes.

The new front page.
The new dashboard.

2. Keep track of your progress.

New icons show when an assignment has new submissions, what submissions you've already reviewed, and to which students you've sent feedback.

New icons show when you have new submissions.
See which submissions are new.
One check shows which submissions you've viewed.
Two checks show which students have received feedback.

3. Review all submissions at once with Quick View.

Use the new Quick View to see all student responses for a particular prompt grouped together.

View all submissions together with Quick View.

4. View submissions inline with the original assignment.

Use the new View Context button to see your assignment displayed alongside student submissions.

View Context shows the original assignment inline with the submission.

5. Add time to your due dates.

You can now optionally add a time to your due dates. A red icon will now appear next to students that submitted late.

Set a time when your assignment is due.
Quickly see which students submitted late.

6. Templates are now on a separate page called Archive.

Templates are consistently the most confusing part of Lingt. To help distinguish them, we've moved them to a separate page and given them their own aesthetic. They still work in the same way as before.

Templates now live on the new archive page.

7. Search and preview your assignments.

The new Archive page lets you search, sort, and preview all the assignments you've ever created.

Quick and easy preview.

8. Add assignments created by other teachers at your school.

You can now see what other teachers at your school are creating and reuse their assignments.

Search for other assignment on Lingt.

9. Customize your Lingt page with a profile pic.

Make your Lingt page unique by adding an image of yourself or something that represents your class.

Upload a picture to customize your Lingt page.

10. Thank You!

Thanks so much to the teachers who worked closely with us to develop these new features and who kept us busy with a steady stream of insightful and honest feedback. If you have any problems, feedback, or feature requests, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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